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Hedgerow Planting

For anyone that would like to help, we will be having a planting the hedgerows day tomorrow Saturday 26th at 10:30am. 

Last week when clearing the hedgerow, we thought the hedging stock would take up to three weeks to arrive but Glebe Farm Hedging in Langham have contacted Amanda and the plants are ready for collection now so I am going to pick them up this morning.

If you would like to be involved but don’t fancy anything too onerous, there will be tasks such as adding the rootgrow to the holes and ensuring the right plant goes in the right place so we would love to have your help, whatever you can do.

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Bramble Banishment!

Boxted Green Daffodil

A massive thank you to Karen Shergold and Andy today for their trojan efforts clearing the brambles from the Straight Road hedgerow!

Lisa and I were so pleased to see some reinforcements to our party of two – and a massive amount was achieved in a couple of hours of hard labour.

We all attacked the brambles, with help from Susie – who lives along Straight Road, and also cleared some of the low branches of the existing trees to open up the area. Karen brought her cordless hedge trimmer, which was excellent for clearing what seemed like an impenetrable forest of thorns! Andy arrived with his cavernous trailer which was able to carry a HUGE volume of waste material away – and Karen did a marvellous job transporting the latter in towering barrow loads from the work area to Andy’s car.

It has made such a difference – and there is now a wonderful area for planting more woodland plants, as well as having the border prepared for the new hedging. Lisa and I just have a small patch to finish during the week.

Thank you to all today’s volunteers for helping us!

A Call for Help!

Narcissus Jetfire – Boxted Village Green

Lisa and I would be very grateful if anyone has a couple of hours on Saturday morning to help us finish clearing the hedgerow please? We have some tricky brambles to clear and more ‘hands on deck’ would help us to complete the job.

The hedging plants have been ordered and we’re hoping to get the area clear as soon as possible in readiness for planting. Lisa and I have managed to do about half of the stretch, with Karen S’s help last weekend, plus any free time we’ve both had this week. The 2 Hollies have been planted and look super!

We also need some garden waste bags that people could bring with them and then take away to put out for collection. The brambles fill the bags up quickly. We also have a pile of existing branches etc (surplus to wildlife requirements) which needs clearing and taking away/composting. There are some fence posts/wooden batons found underneath some brambles that look useful for making some insect homes with, so wondering if Will could take these away please for his scouts to use? Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated! Volunteers will need secateurs/loppers, bags, thick gloves and old clothes – as those brambles can be quite destructive! Many Thanks !!


#hedgerow, #villagegreen, #working-party

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